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03-01-2012, 10:39 AM
1)I had my first enquiry a few wks ago. The lady came round the house with her daughter and all seemed to go well. I gave her my parent pack to take home and read etc...and heard nothing back from her (she seemed impressed with my house & paperwork etc...).
I presume she has gone with someone else so I contacted her at the weekend by text just asking her to give me some feedback of things she liked/disliked about my service as she was the first lady I saw so I just wanted a bit of feedback really. No reply!!!

2) I had my 2nd enquiry the weekend and she was due to visit me yesterday but she didn't turn up. She text me an hour later saying she had a family emergency and had been in hospital all night and she would call me to re-arrange (maybe genuine, may be not).

3) I have sent around 50 messages on childcare.co.uk and only had one reply!!!

This is harder than I thought it would be. There seems to be so many timewasters out there, it's disheartening xx

03-01-2012, 11:12 AM
It is hard but they will come. Unfortunately the majority of people will not get back to you if they decide not to use you. It is very rude but a fact of life. They are seeking out a service and I have had a lot of enquiries this year. In our area, I go to a cm group, and we have found this last year more than most, parents have been visiting 7 or 8 minders. They never get back to us and almost all of them have ended up going to one of the Day nurseries in town, which isn't very good. We think they have been offering big discounts to start people off! I think a lot of them don't realise they are actually coming into someone's home and how rude they are being by not getting back to us.

You say the first lady went away with your 'Parent Pack'. I would be wary about giving out too much info for them to take away and not return to you. I have an A4 brochure which folds in three which I give to parents. I only loan my parent folder out because it would cost too much for me to give one to every parent that came through my doors enquiring about childcare.

I have joined Childcare.co.uk not paid a membership though, and I must say I have had fairly negative results. I few enquiries and a few visits bit not very nice people and the majority never get back to you and I have had some very odd inquiries from men, I am just about to report one to the web site so i wouldn't worry too much from any contacts and don't get upset by any who contact you from this site.

I have always found that most of my parents come from recommendation or the local FIS site or list. I would certainly make sure you have good details and always keep them updated with FIS.

Good luck.

03-01-2012, 06:09 PM
Excellent advice from Ricky - especially about the amount of information parents are taking away. Just a little brochure to remind them of your service is normally enough.

It can be so hard to start off with - you need to get your name known around the place. Tell everyone you can that you have vacancies.

Good luck! :D

03-01-2012, 06:58 PM
Sorry you're feeling a bit disheartened - sometimes parents don't realise how important it is to us to have some feedback or at least a reply. I once saw a parent who didn't get back to me so 2 weeks later I phoned her - she wanted the place and just assumed it would still be there for her :rolleyes: Not quite the same as you I know but hope the second parent contacts you to rearrange.

Miffy xx

05-01-2012, 11:18 AM
I am at the same stage as u, i am awaiting my house inspection at the end of the mth :eek: and am trying to get my name out there as there is a demand for childcare here, i just find it frustrating that although i have put up flyers etc and am on childcare.co.uk i have only had 1 enquiry ( better them none)
and find it more frustrating that on the childcare website u have to pay a crazy amount of money to be a full member