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02-01-2012, 07:47 PM
Hi, I wasn't too sure where to post this so hope it the right place.
Anyway, my situation is this......

I've been minding 10yr old after school (2 nights a wk) for just over a yr. she was my second proper mindee. I'm currently full during the days that she attends and I'm finding it a struggle to get the three little ones (2,2 and 10 months) up from nap, ready, in car, out car, in car and home again in the cold and rain on these two days. I have afew other issues with after schooler but carried on as I only had my son (2) until recently. Mum never pays on time, only communicates via text (grandad collects), she has requested that she doesn't spend too much time with my daughter (13) because she feels she's too grown up... they used to spend time doing each others hair or listening to music that sort of thing and I just feel like mum isn't so keen on me but sends her as no-one else collects from that school! She has never said anything positive just has a bit of a moan every few weeks or so by txt (which I hate so I end up calling her). Latest one was her accusing me of letting mindee and my daughter watch Celebrity Juice :eek: on sky+ in my daugters room. I almost murdered my daughter and accused her of lying etc. Turns out mindee had watched it at a friends house (same name as my daughter) and mum had hit the roof and assumed it was us! She admitted she'd got it wrong a few days later but no apology or anything. :angry:
After much thought, I have decided to give her notice but I've never done it before and haven't got a clue what to write! Obviously I don't want to say I've had enough! Also, we never had a contract but I'm going to give her to the end of the month because I don't want to leave her in the lurch.
Any advice will be gratefully accepted!!

02-01-2012, 07:55 PM
As you do not have a contract then you don't have to give notice, just inform the mum that you cannot continue caring for an older child as it impacts too much on the little ones.

If you need to give a reason blame it on Ofsted - it says in the Eyfs that the needs of the little ones must come first.

I hope it goes ok for you :D