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08-12-2011, 04:13 PM
I am sure you are all sick of me talking about this mindee and her mum but they are driving me nuts!! Dh says I should replace her as child is so difficult but my kids go to the same school as her big sister and it is a small school so things would be very awkward

Mindee is 14 months and everything is difficult with her .. She is hard to get to sleep (mum doesn't make sure she naps at weekends or nanny if she has her in the afternoon 'she wouldn't sleep!' I have tried saying she is overtired on the days I have her if she hasn't napped the day before and mum backyracks and says oh she slept yesterday ) I find it hard to go out and about with her and my other two little ones as she is just cranky. Her big sister is 7 so I guess she is like an only child .. Dad appears to spoil them like princesses but not actually be involved in any of their day to day care. Her nanny collects her a lot of days and dotes on her and aunties sometimes collect her and spoil her. She is clearly never told no and gets picked up every time she whimpers and has a meltdown like a two year old if i tell her no or if I pick one of the others up. I know kids adjust to different rules in different houses but is it possible to take the 'spoildness' out of them?! Please advise I feel like I al
Burning out with her!!

08-12-2011, 06:24 PM
They do learn if you are totally consistent and if parents / family are supporting you. It takes much longer and it's a lot harder if you are not getting back up from home :(

I would talk to mum and honestly explain the effect her tiredness is having on the group. See where you go from there.

hugs xx