View Full Version : Give me your outdoor inspiration for my new garden

miss mopple
02-12-2011, 05:50 PM
Right, so I shared the playroom pics, now here's my new garden as requested by Jane5 :D . I need lots of inspiration to make it a great outdoor play space, with limited plastic stuff (dont want slides etc as also live next to a park so am keen to keep it natural as much as possible) so if it were yours what would you do with it?

The playroom opens onto this:


which leads to this:


and then this:


and this is from the very back looking towards the house


Our plan is to convert the gravelly area to a family garden and use the grassed and decked area nearer the house for minding as that way I'll be able to see the children from the entire downstairs, whether I am in the dining room, kitchen or play room :thumbsup:

So all you wonderful childminders- inspire me!! What would you do with it if it was yours and you had pennies in your pocket to spend (not that I have yet but I can dream :laughing: ).

02-12-2011, 07:34 PM
Well I wouldn't put a sandpit on the decking as you'll lose all the sand through the gaps!! Lol

Things I'd like are a waterwall, a willow den, a "cave", some outdoor instruments, mirrors, stepping stones and hopscotch, I'd love an outdoor carpet, a trampoline, if I'd have the space I'd landscape the garden to have a small hill with a tunnel through the middle of it, or a cave (saw that in kindergarten in Austria and te kids loved it!) I'd have a treehouse, an area fir attracting wildlife, and what I'd need is a million quid to do it all!! Lol

02-12-2011, 07:36 PM
Oh I'd also have a sensory footpath and a fort or pirate ship

02-12-2011, 08:17 PM
I have a big garden going right round the house. I have sectioned off half the bit at the back so I can see the children at all times. It is still huge :rolleyes: with apple trees, plums and pears growing.

I would like a willow structure - my children are teens now so no more plastic for me - once what I have has died out, that will be it! Probably a wooden bench with something willow growing over it like a half dome - can't explain my idea well :o

A veg patch would be nice, chalkboards mounted on fences and I would like some sort of water structure with pipes along the fence too :) (something easily removable for when I am not working

02-12-2011, 08:25 PM
our water wall consists of half guttering pipes angled so that the water or balls or cars fall from one to the next,, cheap and easy to make. i have wooden blocks (cut off from trees) for the children to build with, crates for them to stack or sit in, pepples for cooking or decorating with, a tuff spot which has sand in at the moment with water from last nights rain which they had fun mixing and 'cooking' in the outside toy kitchen, I would love a willow tunnel or den but my garden is all block paved so no where to put one, I have some 4 fold airers which they use for den building with blankets and other material bits, we have some plastic ride on toys and a plastic house but when they die thats it for them.