View Full Version : Look what I've just won

30-11-2011, 11:55 AM

It came this morning, I can't wait to try it out.

I won it in the Who Minds giveaway. :clapping:

30-11-2011, 12:13 PM
congratulations on winning it!!

can't say I like the look of the product though - if one child falls over they both do! lol (maybe its just my mindees that seem to constantly be on their knees when we leave the house! ):D

30-11-2011, 12:30 PM
wow i think it is fab! well done!

30-11-2011, 12:30 PM
Well done. But I have to agree I don't like these products at all. Stringing the children together seems to be asking for trouble.

30-11-2011, 01:54 PM
Well done on winning it, :clapping: I am not sure I like it either seems a bit like the old chain gangs to me, but I an sure you will have great fun with it

30-11-2011, 02:28 PM
Congratulations Cherry, you'll have to let us know what you think of it when you've tried it out (with the kids, I mean!)

Miffy xx

30-11-2011, 03:01 PM
Well done but I have to agree, it looks dangerous, the children will be tied together like animals, I never like the idea of reins on children, but i'm sure you will find a suitable use for it.

30-11-2011, 03:17 PM
Could I use it for my 12 year old? Ha ha

30-11-2011, 09:19 PM
That looks different - would be really interested to hear your reviews. I like the thought of being able to hold onto something else rather than hands and also the idea that they have the hi vis strap to strap into it. Have to agree with the if one falls they all will thought but would love to be proved wrong!

30-11-2011, 09:58 PM
It does look different and I have mixed opinions about as I do for the nursery I see taking the children for a walk in the six seater turtle bus.

I have to say from a practical point of view there have been times on of these would have been very handy!

30-11-2011, 10:11 PM