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30-11-2011, 08:07 AM
Wonder if you could all give me some advice, I have posted about this before.

I had a child start at the end of September and settled in really well no problems at all.

Anyway since his start he has been off quite a lot unwell, had a weeks holiday and has also changed the hours that he comes (so he now doesnt do consecutive days).

Last week he returned after another week off unwell and since then he has been really unsettled. He would be perfectly fine if I was to carry him around or sit him on my lap all day. I mind 3 under 2 so it is not possible for me to carry him around with me all day. Even if I have hold of him and another child comes to talk or play with us or even touches me and he notices he screams then.

He isnt taking part in any activities and when the other children try to interact with him, he screams.

He is sleeping well so I know he is not tired.

He is so unsettled he evens gets upset if I move from one room to the other, I put him in his car seat and I am folding the buggy away etc.

When my older child was here yesterday he seemed more happy and was willing to play and interact with him.

It appears to me that if he was with a minder who cared for older children he would be happy or if he had more 1 to 1 care.

Mum is fully aware of the situation but I am puzzled what to do next. I am getting upset about it all becuase I dont want it to effect the care the others get and beacuse he is demanding so much attention it no doubtly will.


30-11-2011, 08:18 AM
Carry on, these periods of unsettledness tend to pass I think, I have one who reverts to being very unsettled after any bout of illness or holiday and he soon settles back again. Maybe lo is interested in the older ones as they are talking, chatting, interacting and doing what looks like interesting things so it takes lo's mind off feeling unsettled. Maybe the answer is a whirlwind of activities just to get over this initial hump :)

30-11-2011, 09:04 AM
That was my plan yesterday, keep busy and do lots of different things but he just didn't want to join in and when I was helping the other he just screamed because is didn't have my sole attention.

I am really concerned because he is spending so much time upset for instance last week, he was here 9.5 hours one day and he was really upset for possibly 7 of those hours.