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Helen Dempster
28-11-2011, 09:32 AM
He's off to South Africa in a couple of weeks for the WHOLE of December!!!! (but apparently it's been raining there for the last 3 weeks). Anyway, his mum's a bit worried re the plane journey as he's such a little dynamo, doesn't sit still for very long. Are there any tips on what to do regarding a 2yo boy on a long plane journey for entertainment? She's taking a portable DVD player so she can play Fireman Sam (his fave) for an hour.

Thanks guys n gals.

28-11-2011, 10:38 AM
it really does depend on what she is travelling with ( hand lugage and such)

but i woudl suggest, favourite teddy/toy, story book or 2, colouring bits, and also snacks (need to check which ones can carry on board)

My 2 year old when we travelled to the states slept most of the time

28-11-2011, 10:41 AM
When my son was younger I always used to take his favourite blanket and bedtime toy to help settle him on the plane and also in a strange bed on the holiday.

Mini aquadraws are good for little one's on the plane too. My son used to take him mini figures, his Balamory figures have been all over the world with us! :laughing:

28-11-2011, 10:55 AM
My little girl is obssessed with stickers so we went the pound shop and bought loads of stickers in different themes and she spent ages deciding which stickers should go on which colouring in page. :clapping:

28-11-2011, 11:27 AM
whenever my DH has flown to SA he has travelled late afternoon / overnight.

Mum just needs to decide on a couple of things, and then bring them out one by one when she needs him to chill out a bit. Also there should be screens on the back of the chairs and a dedicated children's cartoon channel.

When I travelled alone with my son, (he was a few months younger) I honestly just let him walk up and down the isles. I followed on behind him and we just chatted to different passengers along the way. Only time I said he had to sit down was when the crew came with their trolleys.

28-11-2011, 11:50 PM
Lots of small new things, depending on how mug she wants to spend, any of these are good (I've flown a lot) new and exciting:
Small box of playmobil
Drawing pad / book and pens / crayons
Mini tubs of playdough
Sticker books (we got a TONKA book, with over 1000 stickers and stories, etc. Try The Works)
Kinder surprise eggs if he's allowed chocolate
Small box of Lego
"pixie" books (the works do them or online)
Has she got an android or iPhone for games?