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Jelly Baby
26-11-2011, 01:11 PM
Hi have been over this dillema before and here I am again! Will try to explain what the problem is.

I have a mum who is contracted for school time for her 2 children, set hours works fine.

When it came to school holidays the hours were so erratic i never knew what i was doing if even working so asked her to gove me a maximum set of her hours she would need for me to contracts her and i would know what i was billing her each holiday and she would know that her hours were secured. the first holiday was fine and she used the ones she had given me..last holiday a bit less and of course ide charged her half the hours she had contracted as she hadn't used them all, the queried it but was ok.

I have just had xmas hours and im just chacking what others would do as getting in a bit of a mess with it all.

Basically she is supposed to use 31 a week but has just given me 12 for mon, tue and wed, thus and fri she will do..i was going to bill her for half the week but the half for the thus and fri ontop of the 12 makes it more so thats ok..i think!

Problem i have is B/H which they never use and i charge half..do i charge the holiday rate or the normal rate.i.e school time or holidays bearing in mind it falls in the holidays?

Doubt anyone understand that but ill give it a try!! if not ill break down a week as an example!


Chatterbox Childcare
26-11-2011, 03:23 PM
If I am understanding this right term time is fine.

Holidays you are contracted for 31 hours per week. On the Mon/Tues/Wed you are having the children 36 hours which is more so I cannot see how you can charge her anymore UNLESS you have a minimum number of hours per day.

Bank holidays again with depend on how your contracts are written, does it say full pay? Is it on a contracted day?

Sorry more answers than questions but I cannot see the contract but hope these few lines help

Jelly Baby
28-11-2011, 09:16 AM
Hi Debbie,

Ok an example week is:

She is contracted for 31 hours durig the holiday periods mon-fri
This xmas she actually only wants mon, tue and wed totalling 12 hours so well under the 31. I ahve charged half for the thus and fri which makes the fee more than just charging her half the holiday week.

As for B/H it just says half fee if 4 weeks notice given and full if not. All my parents never use B/H and never have but i have never had this crop up before now i have actual holiday days set as has always fallen in a term time. This B/H is on a contracted day yes.