View Full Version : children crying when collected

22-11-2011, 05:46 PM
hi all, has anyone got any tips for for children who cry when they get picked up because they dont want to go home?

i always pre-warn them before mum is about to come and re-assuse them they will be coming back, but i just feel awful for mum with kids crying they want to stay.

i dont want the kids to be upset for any reason really.

any ideas?

22-11-2011, 06:04 PM
Keep leaving time really calm... don't let them do anything at home time which they won't want to leave... remind them of all the fun things they will do at home...

Some children cry because it's a repeated habit and need something different to happen so they stop... maybe taking a special provision teddy home to bring back next session or distracting them with doing a special home time job.

Like all phases it will pass hopefully quickly :D

22-11-2011, 06:22 PM
I let them know someone is coming to collect them soon and often will ask them to help tidy up the toys they've been using today, thats a good way to get them peed off! I also try to wind down what we are doing.
I was having this happen with one particular child who was in hysterics when she left and reaching out for me, embarassing for me and the parents, but it doesn happen as much now, not sure whether its me but I kind of miss it!!

22-11-2011, 07:58 PM
We have this with a few of the children, I feel embarrassed but the parents just say 'at least I can go to work and not worry, knowing they are happy with you'.

I always pre-warn, start to get them ready i.e. L can you get your xxxx ready for me, mummy will be here very soon... well done, we will tell Mummy how good you were at xxxx etc.

It doesn't always work but it's worth a try...and try again...and again.. and again :laughing:

We have one that has been crying as soon as she see's Mum but we both decided it's prob because she's getting tired. Mum said the trouble is, by the time they get home at 5.30 M is too tired to eat, then she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry... so we decided I give her a meal at 4.30 and it seems to have solved that problem.

Don't feel too guilty :)