View Full Version : how do your own children cope

22-11-2011, 01:43 PM
i have a 19month old and iv only got a before and after school child at the mo, shes great with the before school child as they just sort of play together as he's 3, but shes a nightmare when i have the 9 yr old after school as shes constantly asking me for a cuddle and she starts getting tired and restless as the girl doesnt get picked up til 6 and she just doesnt like it if im sitting at the table with the 9 year old as she cant see whats going on and im due to start looking after a 4 month old boy next week and he came over today and was on my lap but crying and my little girl comes up to me asking for a cuddle then too - its like she just cant bear sharing me or me giving other children attention. I hope it'll get easier! is this normal?

22-11-2011, 01:59 PM
It does get easier, my dd was 2 when I started and didnt like sharing me but now she is fine, as long as we make time for a cuddle and a story at bedtime she says she doesnt mind sharing me :thumbsup:

22-11-2011, 02:05 PM
My DD was 19m when I started minding.

I have one lasting memory of those early weeks. She did lots of frowning :( .

However, the mindee I had was just a few months older and they became great friends. It was only a year later that I got a mindee younger than her, and by that time the first mindee and her always paired off, and left me to play with the younger (by 1 year) mindee.

2.5y later, DD still like to get regular cuddles in the day time and I make sure we do this, normally reading a book or something together.

She also gets as many cuddles as she wants when its just our family, or like today cos she is a bit poorly.