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21-11-2011, 08:55 PM
I had my pre-reg assessment today too - and I think I passed! I thought I would know absolutely but it turns out that he makes his recommendation to Ofsted, so it's not a dead cert exactly. The inspector was very very thorough and seemed to using a database he wasn't particularly familiar with - there were long silences whilst he found the right box! I had risk assessed very thoroughly and you could very easily see that there was some remedial decorative work taking place close to being completed and I advised him (as did the risk assessment) that I wouldn't be minding until Jan 2012 by which time the work would be complete. When he rang to make the appointment I made it clear I would only be half way through the first aid course - but he said he still needed to come due to his SLA with Ofsted (he was from Tribal) - and then proceeded to mention the fact that I didnt have my first aid certificate yet and several occasions! Same situ re the CRB as that's not back yet .. again he knew this when he made the appointment but still seemed to do overkill with the concern. Anyway, I got through he inspection although he made it clear it is up to Ofsted - but wonder if some new procedure has recently been introduced as this experience doesn't seem to mirror that of a number of other minders - added to which he explained the system was new - to which I expressed concern there would be delays - he advised me this "should not" be the case. He was here for nearly 3.5 hours! I do understand it is necessary to be thorough, but the long pauses whilst he worked his way around is computer system wasn't something I was expecting!

21-11-2011, 09:14 PM
He might have been a new inspector but if you're unhappy with the way he conducted your pre-reg then I'd phone Ofsted and speak to them.

Hope your registration doesn't take too long to come through.

Miffy xx

21-11-2011, 09:21 PM
Hi Miffy, I don't think he was new. It's not that I was not satisfied, just didn't think it was conducted as I expected - which may have more to do with my own expectations that anything else. Everything was read off a screen. Actually apart from the actual house inspection - the rest could have been conducted over the phone as it felt almost scripted! I hope it doesn't take too long either!

21-11-2011, 09:27 PM
It certainly sounds odd and haven't read anyone else describing what you did about how it was conducted. Just thought speaking to Ofsted might reassure you everything is OK.

Miffy xx

22-11-2011, 11:26 AM
i had my ofsted yesterday and she was here for just hour and half which i was surprised about.
She said the same thing to me that she will recommend me and it was up to ofsted!!! confused now does this mean that they will register me or not????

well done:clapping: