View Full Version : Pros and cons of taking on an assistant or working with another childminder

21-11-2011, 04:36 PM
I was just wondering, with my business hat on...ten year plan 'n' all of that...

Is it better to work with an assistant or another childminder, and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.
It seems that a lot of childminders use family members as their assistants, does anyone on here have an assistant who is not a family member??

Is there a difference in the number of children a childminder and assistant can look after compared to two childminders together?

Reason I'm asking, I had an enquiry from a nursery nurse who lives local to me. At the time I was newly registered and only had one child on my books. I had to tell her I had only just started out so couldn't justify paying another wage.

Has anyone also ever dreamt of opening a nursery? (am I allowed to say that on here)

21-11-2011, 06:10 PM
I work with a co minder (my mum)

Pro's - another adult to talk to, another pair of hands, chance for a time out or time to do paperwork, we are allowed 6 children all of which can be under 5, 2 can be under 1, co-minder drives and I dont so we cn go on regular outings further afield

Con's - when numbers are low one of us has spare time on our hands, can get fed up with living and working with my mum,

I'm sure there is more

21-11-2011, 06:19 PM
I've employed 2 assistants in the past in fact they are both still listed just in case. One is my neice and came to me for experience while she was training to be a childminder.

A couple of my mum's had a 2nd baby while this was going on and the extra pair of hands was a great big help. Also it meant that I could accomodate the extra babies with a variation.

I loved having an assistant and would gladly have them back if I could afford it. :thumbsup:

21-11-2011, 06:43 PM
I work with my Sister as an Assistant and between us we are allowed 12 children. At the moment work does not warrent her working full time so we just decide what hours she is working each week but although we are chalk and cheese it really works for childminding as she loves all the bits that I dont and vice versa and we really compliment each other. Hoping to get more mindees soon (as its really dead here at the moment) and then we can work full time together. Its lovely to have adult company during the day and also bounce ideas off each other. We also think different so is good for learning obserations as we always have a different slant on activities.
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