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18-11-2011, 10:56 PM
To say I'm petrified is an understatement.

I have printed out the pre reg questionaire which I will work on the weekend.
I have done the majority of my portfolio. P & Ps are all done as are my risk assessments.

I am a bit worried as I do not have smoke alarms fitted on each floor. We only have one fitted on the stairs, however I have booked a visit from the fire service for 2 weeks time to do a fire safety check etc...

Do you think I should buy some alarms for the Ofsted visit or would it be acceptable to tell her it's in hand?

Will she go through my fridge/freezer? I have no fridge thermometer to check the temps.

I have no stairgate yet for the stairs, only one for the kitchen (we are open plan).

I have no cupboard/drawer locks.

Should I be buying all this stuff the weekend?

Stressed.com xx

19-11-2011, 09:31 AM
The inspector will expect you to have a plan in place showing how you are going to tackle any hazards and risks in your house and garden.

This starts by writing risk assessments, noting concerns and saying how you will sort them out - so you have noted a problem with the cupboard locks and you will buy some to solve it; you have noted the problem with the fire alarms and the fire service are coming to put you some new ones up.

The inspector won't look in the fridge that's a job of environmental health.

Good luck! :D