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13-11-2011, 06:36 PM
Hello All

I could really do with some support I received a call from Ofsted last week regarding my 17 year olds CRB check and they need to come and talk to me and my daughter regarding it. Basically she has adhd and odd oppositional defiant Disorder and as a family we have had a very difficult time controlling this, Any way I reported my daughter and had her removed twice from the house due to aggressive behavior and this had showed up I knew it would and wrote to Ofsted to inform them as I was minding at the time hence why I called the police in the first place to safe guard the child I was looking after hardest thing I ever had to do any way ofsted did not receive my letter and I am now concerned that they will strike me of for not informing them of a significant event which I did I have explained this to them but have no proof as had wrote the letter so silly of me. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and please can I have some advice on how to deal with this.
Very concern Childminder

13-11-2011, 07:33 PM
No experience hon, but ofsted want to know how you will keep your mindees safe, so have you got a written plan for how you will do this if your daughter has a difficult day/ episode or however you refer to them? Do you keep incident records? (You should do really!) If you haven't already, then write down what happened on the day you had your daughter removed and state what happened, how you dealt with it and what changes you made after the incident to prevent it from happening again. You can show this to ofsted without a record of the handwritten letter along with any other documentation regarding it if there is any. Did you discuss it with the parents? Write down what was said and get parents to sign it to keep with the records there. have you 'risk assessed' your daughter being present in the house (sounds horrible but as you seem to look at it that way anyway i hope you don't mind!) It could include what other adults cold be around/contacted to support you and your daughter if it happens again, how your daughter manages her condition etc. I can't tell you what ofsted will do/say but if you have considered all options then you at least have shown that you are being pro-active and managing the 'risk'. Try not to worry too much, hope it goes well - perhaps have written statements from key workers or others if your daughter has them to back you up?

Jen x