View Full Version : help closing down business????

08-11-2011, 02:17 PM
hi, i'm thinking of closing down my business, i've not worked for over a year and there just seems no work around after advertising everywhere. I'm thinking of closing so that i can claim benefits to keep us going for a bit. has any one been in this postion?? does any one know who needs to be told ( i know Ofsted of course ) if i do go down that route. or does anyone have the small earning certificate on the national insurance as that is my other option and wait until i get work! please if anyone can help or advise me, i'm getting depressed with the worry. many thanks and appreciation

08-11-2011, 02:29 PM
Think carefully before notifying Ofsted that you are closing as that will end your registration immediately and there will be no going back without going through the registration process again. You can keep your registration open for 3 years without working.

Not sure how that would affect claiming benefits, perhaps you could ask at Citizens Advice?

Not sure how the small earnings for NI would help if you are not earning anything, as that is just a way of not paying NI as a low earner.

It must be so frustrating not having work, feel for you :( Hopefully someone else will be along soon with better advice for you.