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05-11-2011, 09:41 AM
I was just running through my receipts this morning and came across one for Woodhouse Inns Ltd.

Rest Food: £2.00
Coffee: £2.00
Bar Liquor: £1.50

Time: 8.02am

Now I had to giggle because I could not work out where on earth I had purchased an alcoholic beverage from on a minding day when I would have been on the school run.

I had to refer back to my planning sheet for the day to work it all out. What I actually did was take my mindee to the cafe where we shared a teacake, I had a coffee and he had a glass of milk!!!! At mid morning!!

Clearly I had to change the receipt to make it clear to anyone who might view it in the future!!!! :laughing: :laughing:

05-11-2011, 10:13 AM
Liar! I'm sure you ha a coffee but I do believe that you gave mindee a shot of "bar liquor" to have an easy day lol

05-11-2011, 10:33 AM
i love going through old receipts as i keep finding money screwed up in them:D

Lady Haha
05-11-2011, 05:38 PM
Do you not grab a quick whiskey or similar on the school run normally? I thought we all did?:)


05-11-2011, 08:03 PM
no but had to check myself yesterday when hubby came from work an hour early yesterday with a bottle of wine, was just thinking oooh glass of wine yum! but still had 6 kids for another 30 mins lol! can you imagine waving them off with a glass of wine in my hand pmsl!