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jumping j
12-10-2011, 02:42 PM
I think I know what to do but just after a bit of advice
I have been looking after my niece and nephew since before I was registered. Since becoming registered I've had problems with payment just about every month!
The biggest problem was back in May when they went on holiday for a week. It is written in my contracts that holiday time will be charged at half rate. When they recieved the invoice for the month I recieved a text messeage saying it was wrong, i'd charged for the days when they were away. I explained that I charged half prcie for holiday positions, that I was holding the place open for them and it couldn't be filled. She said that it was not clear in the contract and they didn't know about it, all my other parents are aware and it seems clear to them!
I was told that they would not pay for my holidays!!! I explained that they weren't paying for my holiday but their own, that they get paid for holidays and they still claim tax credits even though they are not paying for child care. I was also told that other childminders don't charge! After this I offered to give 4 weeks notice so she could take the children elsewhere
After much backwards and forwards I backed down, I ended up loosing 27.50 that month! When I realised how little it was, compared to the £500 I get from them each month it seemed pointless arguing, I now wish I'd stuck to my guns.
I have just recieved a message saying that my sister in laws shifts are changing just before half term and she will not need me for half term week, this time I'll be loosing £65!:angry:
I've tried to bend over backwards to help as her shifts change regularly and I feel like they're pushing too much now, I don't charge them a retainer, I didn't charge while my niece was at nursery in the mornings, even though I took and collected her and she was taking up a place, I think I should have been harder in the first place!:angry:
I can see the argument coming already!
I've come up with a few solutions but was wondering what you would do?
-Give 4 weeks notice, I have another child starting in January who would fill the place!
-Start charging slightly more per hour/day so that i don't need to charge for holidays
-Explain again what I have already explained, she is aware of the terms of contract now so can't use that excuse!
I feel bad because it's family and now understand why you should never work with them!!!
It's a bit of a long one but any advice will be welcome

12-10-2011, 02:49 PM
Well she is well aware of the holiday terms now and I would photocopy the contract with that part highlighted and say that last time was cos she didnt know but as she does after last time, that the contract applies.

One moan and then notice I think

12-10-2011, 02:55 PM
I would definitely go with the notice as it sounds like there will always be
something that they don't like or agree with.

She should be grateful that you only charging half in the first place! I charge full for parents hols and half for mine.

Take on the new child in Jan. :)

12-10-2011, 04:05 PM
Its always hard when its family. I would very nicely explain that you can't manage on the money you've got coming in and you need to increase your income. Tell them that you feel guilty if you try to charge them for their time off but as you can't live on whats coming in you need to be able to find a family who are able to pay full fees including paying for their time off. Be really upset and apologise for the inconvenience and tell them you will continue to look after their children until January to give them chance to make other arrangements. They then have a choice, they can either offer to pay you for their time off like everybody else or they can move their children elsewhere.

12-10-2011, 04:49 PM
There's no way I'd apologise - your SIL is bullying you and hoping that, because you're family, you will back down and anyway you have done nothing wrong!

It puts you in a very awkward position because you don't want it to cause a family rift but neither should you be walked all over by someone you've tried to help.

Yes, you should have been tougher in the beginning but hindsight is a wonderful thing and most of us have been caught out like this by family or so-called friends.

You need to be tough now and tell her all the terms of the contract apply and then stick to it - if she doesn't like it then give notice.

Good luck
Miffy xx

jumping j
15-10-2011, 11:23 AM
thank you for all you advice, it's great to be able to get other perspectives from people doing the same job! My other half just says tell her to **** **!!!! always helpful:panic: