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12-10-2011, 06:51 AM
Well, the cash has now run out and I haven't got enough money coming in. I'm seriously worried about Christmas for the kids and I'm despairing about everyday costs. I think I'm going to look into getting a part time job at Tesco or somewhere...at this rate it'll be Tesco as I've got two within cycling distance. I'm afraid it'll be something that I can cycle to as I can't justify getting the car out. God, I used to be a respected member of the teaching profession and I decided to give it up so I could put my kids first without having to get them up at the crack of dawn, travel 23 miles to school and then get back late. I've picked up two mindees, one before and after school (unsociable hours) and if I didn't have him I really would be in trouble and another for three hrs twice a week. £300 a month is not enough to live on.
I honestly can't help but feel this is not the best way to use my 'talents' as an educator. I know things have improved for me a great deal since I posted abut two weeks ago and I've since picked up my second mindee (buses really do come along in two's). A lady came round yesterday to have a look and commented that the cost of childcare is half her hourly wages and I just thought to myself 'at least you're getting twice what I am, love.' I felt as if she just wanted to have a look around my house.
I honestly just feel like an absolute doormat. I chased up an enquiry when a neighbour came round last week about looking after her two kids after school, bearing in mind I see her most days at school, when she could have told me, but no, I texted her last night to see if she had decided on childcare and I just got one back to say the grandparents were helping out. £28 quid a month, I ask you. I can't even go and do supply teaching as my two are at the local school, so start at 9.00 (if I did supply I'd have to be in work for 8.30am)
Sorry for the rant, but I am so utterly desperate for a regular income, I just don't know what to do next. I'm going to start emptying my wardrobes and start selling stuff on ebay. At least I won't get taxed for that!

12-10-2011, 07:12 AM
Didn't want to just read and run

I've been there - no money and no work either although not with childminding as I've not started yet, but can totally empathize with how you're feeling

Have you looked at ways you can cut down your household bills - get an electric monitor so you can see how much you're using?
Turn lights and electricals off when not in use - you'll be surprised how much that saves

Make a shopping list and stick to it rather than trying to remember what you need. If it's not on the list, don't pick it up!

If you have things like sky/virgin, would a freeview box not be better?

Shop around for cheaper suppliers for phone/broadband

Buy cheap/reduced cuts of meat and make casseroles/stews - particularly useful now with the colder weather upon us

I am now about £100 per month better off for doing the above.

If you can get a PT/temp job then go for it, especially with xmas coming up, plus you'll get to know some new people who could be looking for childcare :clapping:

Hope things start looking up for you soon x

12-10-2011, 07:39 AM
Sending you big hugs ... it took me a year to get registered what with one thing and another and I quit my job 6 months into the process thinking I was nearly there! Oh dear ... things were very tight!

Chrissie H is right about the various ways to save ... plus I walked loads too instead of getting the bus (on the plus side I lost some weight and my just 2 year old is a champion walker! :clapping: )

I've been quite lucku in that I got 1 full time and 1 part time under 5's as soon as I registered but nothing for schools runs as yet. Now my husband has told me he doesn't know how much longer he can last in his current job as he actually loathes it ... didn't realise it was quite so bad but he didn't want to let on as he knew I was feeling bad that I wasn't contributing to household bills :eek:

If it doesn't rain it poors! Hoping things get better for you soon xx

12-10-2011, 08:08 AM
I know how you feel. It's tough, and the lack of respect from a lot of people doesn't help the feeling bad for lack of money. It can be isolated, imagining everyone else is in a 'professional' job with a steady income, whilst we're opening our homes and working hard for peanuts.

I've found the moneysavingexpert.com board to be a lifeline during tough times, lots of ideas about how to save money/make extra pennies, and most of all the moral support of knowing money is tight for a lot of people out there.

Hope things look up soon. :clapping:

Bitsy Beans
12-10-2011, 11:41 AM
It took me well over a year to get at least two of my spaces filled and even then it wasn't loads of money so I know exactly how you feel.
Here's hoping you can get a PT job to fill the gap and that you get lots of proper enquiries which leads to some permament mindees :)

12-10-2011, 11:58 AM
Nipper, I am so sorry to hear your predicament too. I am in exactly the same predicament as you. It is so quiet here, I am now down to one part time, I can't afford to be living like this for much longer, I have put ads in shop windows, handed out my cards to people I meet in the street. I have phoned up to enquire about doing old people care but that would really be working at the weekend or evenings. I used to work in education as an IT technician and gave it up to be with my kids for the same reasons as you. I even went for an interview yday for a TA job at another school in another town to me but didn't get it but financially it prob would have mean we were worse off.

What else can we do? I am at that point of wondering whether or not we would be better off on benefits but don't know if we would qualify on my partners income.

What do we do to make ends meet when people are using grandparents far more now (don't blame them)? There must be something we can do.

Most of the minders I talk to have struggled to fill their spaces or haven't filled them. It is so quiet.

12-10-2011, 12:20 PM
I have also been through what you describe and have had 3 months of no work, there have been many days of tears and pyjamas - this forum has been a lifeline in the last few weeks. However things are picking up a bit now, I have 2 siblings starting 3 days a week next week and a full timer in January and on the plus side my paperwork has never been this up to date! I just wanted to say hang in there - It WILL get better. Is there anyone that could take your children to school so you can pick up some temping work to tide you over? Best wishes.

12-10-2011, 05:01 PM
I totally understand how you are feeling, I have one before and after school child, and really struggling to pay the bills, I to am worried about Christmas and how to pay for it. I am in two minds about giving up, and have only been registered since September.