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10-10-2011, 04:15 PM
...next door's house was sold at auction in early July. Mid July work started....we live in a mid-terrace victorian cottage house...noise unbearable at times which updset kids andmindees and often we've had to leave hte house becaue it was so noisy....and three months on work is STILL going on....can't bear it anymore...even working at weekends so I do not get a break...asked the owner today how long he expects works to continue...and he shouted:

AS LONG AS IT TAKES....WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?....err I have to listen to banging, drillign, music, shouting, swearing FIVE DAYS a week....I then walked off and he came storming after me BANGING ON MY ****** DOOR!! I didn't answer.


I've rung the council AGAIN and am hoping they can call me tomorrow....I'm sick of it; I cannot concentrate through all the noise...it's not just someone doing DIY you undersatnd, it's a FULL REFUBRISHMENT :O(

10-10-2011, 04:27 PM
I know exactly where you are coming from as we had the same problem. We live in a terrace and the old people that lived next door went into sheltered accommodation. Cue property developers and months of hell and yes we fell out with them too.
We also have the prob of how to refurbish our house when there are always children in it! It's not like I have a dining room that I can use on a temp basis.
Don't think there is much you can do, I sympathise tho' it's a real pain.

The Juggler
10-10-2011, 09:05 PM
oh hon, what a mare. I imagine this would be a nightmare even if you worked in an office you'd still have the noise in morning, evening and weekends.

I would open the door to him, say you didn't mean to upset them then tell them how much it's impacting on you - he ASKED what your problem was - so tell him :angry: make sure you have someone with you though.

Will council not do ANYTHING. surely there are time restrictions on it:panic: