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07-10-2011, 02:28 AM
One of our current parents has recommended our setting to her friend who is not happy with their current provision. They want to withdraw him due to biting/bruising from another child which they feel has not been adressed.The child uses 15 hours funding at the previous nursery. This week is headcount week. IF said child attends today we may be able to claim 8 hours (cant fit more than that into what is left of the week).
The parent rang us last night and arranged to visit on Saturday however I have realised that they need to attend today if w eare claiming the funding. We cannot staff a fulltime place if we do not get the funding. In our region you get a whole terms funding based on what attendance pattern they have in headcount week.
I need to tighten up our admission policy to state that we have one funded place available (this has been taken) and other funded places may be available dependant on staffing (we have 2 minders and 1 assistant but not all full time, usually have 1-2 staff on at any one time).
Does anyone else who can understand this dilema have ideas on how to word the admissions policy so that we avoid taking on a child who we cant claim funding for, we really cant staff the setting if we dont get paid for the place until January.
I cant believe I am up at 3am with this buzzzing around inmy brain - argggh

blue bear
07-10-2011, 04:18 PM
Our area used to do this but has now changed to allow for movement which is more practical, thing was under the old system we had to take them on even if after head count week and we did not get money if we had space.

It never happened to me but I would have asked what parent needed and if it's a funded child after head count just said sorry I don't have any places until start of next term.

Maybe state funded places are available at the beginning of September, January and summer terms.