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06-10-2011, 03:37 PM
my ofsted inspector called me in aug saying she was going on holiday and wanted to get my inspection booked in for when she got back, the only 2 dates she could do were mindee 's' very first day which i explained and said i didnt think that was very fair on him 2nd day was mindee 'c' first day at big school and i therefor had no idea how he would be after school. explained all this and she said fine.

she then tried calling twice while i was on holiday (only landline not my mob)i called as soon as i got home and was told as i had been uncontactable it had been sent back to ofsted!

this morning i recieved a rather grumpy letter from ofsted saying if i did not contact them within 5 days my registration would be removed.

i am sitting on hold to them now, have already been cut off once!!!

06-10-2011, 04:04 PM
That doesn't sound very good.

Remember that Ofsted have written to Tribal and Prospects in the strongest terms telling them they have to make a day and time specific appointment that fits in with our routine. Your inspector should have taken into account waht you said about the little ones and arranged the appointment to fit in with them and it doesn't sound as if she did.

How come they rang again when you were on holiday if you already had booked days? I don't understand that.

I have had discusions about Prospect not using my mobile when I have made it clear that this should be the main point of contact as I am not at home all the time but they still insist and use the land line.

It is very important that you write to whichever company and put your complaint in writing and send a copy to Ofsted. If we don't all do this then things will never improve. It has come to light through my inspection and things on this forum that the 2 companies are not following Ofsteds instructions as far as the Inspection process is concerned. Unless we all put or Complaints in writing every time Ofsted can not do anything on our behalf to put things right. Believe me this is what they want to do so lets all give them the amunition to do it with. :thumbsup:

06-10-2011, 05:32 PM
As Ricky advises put it in writing as well so you have a written copy of what you have told them listing all the ways you have tried to comply - giving mobile number etc and all the reasons why you felt it was not appropriate to have an inspector in the house on a child's first day etc.

Get name and reference for any calls you make to them as well.

I hope it is resolved quickly x