View Full Version : How often can I keep hassling Ofsted?

27-09-2011, 03:46 PM
Advice please! My pre reg inspection was fine and all paperwork is fine (I know I have no social services record and my health check was fine) but they are saying that they are indefinitely waiting on the paperwork from them (even tho social services have sent it twice and have now faxed it!!) The health inspector has not yet approved my health form despite being asked twice by them....

Yesterday I lost my rag with them a bit cos I couldn't believe the inefficiency of the operation...I regretted it after as they can punish me by making it longer...

should i ring every day to move it along???

I gave them a day off today anyway!


27-09-2011, 05:06 PM
I called twice a day when I was waiting on a late reference check :blush:

28-09-2011, 07:51 AM
Phone at least once a day, if only to make it feel as though you are doing something to help the process along!

28-09-2011, 09:10 AM
You don't say how long this has been going on for?

I would phone and see if you can get the name of whoever is supposed to be dealing with it and speak to them directly.

Failing that say you are going to make a complaint and see if that speeds things up

Miffy xx