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candy cat
27-09-2011, 12:09 PM
mindee 2 (been here 16mths now) has always been a challenge......

The last few weeks screams when she gets here (normally runs in) but my main issue is she refuses any drink and also starting with food. 9 hours with nothing to eat and drink is getting to be more than a phase!:panic:
Parents know the situation and say she is being stubborn which she is and not to worry but her behaviour is dreadful because her sugar levels are probably so low! I wouldn't be happy if my children hadn't eaten or drank anything......but I can't force her!!! When she gets home she guzzles down a whole beaker of juice and eats everything in sight. I have tried every beaker, cup, (from home too) you can think of. As soon as drinks go on the table she screams and when I say scream I mean it.....the others have started to put fingers in their ears! I have tried every approach and she is just now upsetting everyone......

27-09-2011, 12:23 PM
do you provide the food or do parents? Which ever way it is, maybe switch it round so that there's some variety. e.g. if parents are giving her a packed lunch then she might be using it as a control that she can control parents even when they're not there by not eating the food they've made for her. or if you provide the food she might like to have a lunch box with something from home.

do you offer juice or just water and milk? you could maybe make pure fruit juice lollies or fruit smoothies with plenty of milk in to drink with a straw so she's getting some fluids.

Maybe move where the drinks are to cut the habit of screaming, so leave her beaker somewhere else where she can still access it but it's not the same as the others and have it there when she arrives in the morning so you're not putting it out in front of her to give her the opportunity to scream.

Ask parents to give her a really good breakfast, porridge with fruit so that she's getting lots of energy before she gets to yours to keep her going.

The Juggler
27-09-2011, 12:53 PM
oh dear, poor you! and what a worry for the parents. Good advice above. Try with parents brining her food etc from home and her own beaker. Maybe ask them to get her to help choose and prepare her lunch box to take to your house and talk about when she will eat it/drink it.

If she is screaming at meal times I would just pop her down from the table without a fuss and ask her to sit somewhere else and come back when she's finished screaming, then jsut chat to the others. Dont make a fuss over her not eating/drinking and hopefully it will pass.

If nothing is working I would suggest parents speak to the HV hon.