View Full Version : Good news for childminders in Wolverhampton.....

25-09-2011, 12:31 PM
Finally i have something positive to say about early years. Don't know if this is already happening in other area's but thing's are really changing in Wolverhampton. New childminders will only be taken through registration if there is a demand for childcare in the area they live....Early Years are trying not to take work away from existing childminders :clapping:

25-09-2011, 01:33 PM
That is good news - lets hope other areas also take into consideration the number of childminders in the area.

Of course it is possible to just register without going through Early Years but it is much harder and usually more expensive.

Shazpod - if you happen to be a NCMA member - have you heard about the NCMA West Mids forum - being held in Birminghamon 1st October. I will be there as I am the chair of West Mids region AND the new chair of NCMA Sue Davis will also be attending PLUS everyone attending will get a free Jolfi bear and free lunch - provided pay a mere £5 for the afternoon workshop on outdoor play.

Full details on your 'MY NCMA' page - not too late to book - PM me

Oh and if not an NCMA member - but have friends who are - Please tell them about the forum.

Penny :)