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21-09-2011, 08:52 AM
Morning all,

Does anyone home educate their child/ren?
And if so does it fit in with your job?

The reason Im asking is my dd who's 9yrs is hating school. When dd was in yr 3 they merged two years because of lack of money so dd was placed with children who were nearly 2yrs older than her. She was 7 in May and some children were turning 9 in Sept.
So after being all mixed up and split up from most of her friends she has never been happy. Year 3 she didnt like her teacher, feeling that her teacher didnt like her (too strict but i think it was dd needing reassurance, she didnt get it) and year4 of a triangle of friends who were older than her, thinking they could control her and be her friend one day but not the next.
She's been having headaches for nearly two years, on and off but are now worse.
Shes had 4 days off already this academic year. The two friends who were causing all the problems left the school in July but the headaches continue (shes had an eye test and Ive got my 4th app at dr.s on thurs) The head teacher is supposed to be ringing me this morning.

I'll be quite interested what the dr says as I dont want to send her to school when the noise of the classromm is making her head worse and I also dont want to keep giving her medication.
Moving school is not an option as the only school I could get to is where one of the girls moved to.
Ive been looking at home education but Im not sure if I could manage it as well as childminding.
Does anyone else?
Becky x

21-09-2011, 09:05 AM
hi i took my son out of school nearly 2 years hes 15 next month i still child mind hes was having a bad time for 2 years and it was the best thing we did as he wouldnt go to school he was ill all the time he was depress and had panic attacks and now he is fine and hopefully starting collage next year wendy

21-09-2011, 10:18 AM
I took my eldest daughter out of school at 13 yrs as she was being bullied since infant school. However at the time, the internet was new and I didn't own a computer so didn't know my rights and had terrible trouble from the LA and school but I had huge support from 'Education Otherwise' http://www.education-otherwise.net/ She later went on to Uni and has a great career at 28 years of age. :clapping:

The LA and School insisted that I had to follow the NC although I found out years later this is not so.

We took our Son out of school as he hated it and refused to go, so before we got into trouble we took him out at 15yrs and he went to work in a local Garage and went on to get a full time job and is still there 6 years later :)

I do not regret taking them out I only wish I had done it sooner :( for their sakes as they were much happier once they had left.

Here is a link that may help you http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/parents/schoolslearninganddevelopment/choosingaschool/dg_4016124

What ever you decide I hope all goes well :thumbsup:

21-09-2011, 05:43 PM
Bumping this up for you

Angel xx

Tam's Tribe
21-09-2011, 07:58 PM
Hi Becky

I have had issues with my boys Primary School for years . . . and last year and the year before I had two serious safeguarding issues and I no longer had faith and confidence in the school, teachers and head.

My eldest started high school in September which we both agreed would be good for him. My youngest who is 6 yrs and in Year 2 this year was crying every morning, not wanting to go to school. His Year 1 teacher in his first week of the new school year scrunched up his work and told him it was rubbbish which he related to me "I am rubbish at everything mum, I cant do anything!" (Incidentially in the first 2 weeks of working with him I picked up signs of him being dyslexic so going to get him tested, but concerned the school didnt pick it up, one of many I am now to discover!!).

Anyway, I have now been home schooling him for 3 weeks (I know it is early days) but it really works well with the childminding . . . we still go to all the Toddler Groups and outings (which Matthew, my HE son LOVES and the LOs love him being with us all day) and in the afternoon when my LOs are napping, Matthew and I do his school work . . . I do have some LOs who dont nap anymore and I use the same themes as Matthew but based on EYFS . . . like for my 3 yr old LO we were practising writing the letter M (first letter of her name) and coloured in pictures of things starting with M and made it into a lovely little book, she really enjoyed doing it and filled quite a few of the 6 areas of learning . . . and we have story time after the library visit once a week and all the LOs get comfy on the sofa and Matty reads them a story (so they are enjoying the story and Matthew is doing his reading) . . . HE and childminding really compliments each other . . . just get creative . . . and we are all learning French . . . In 3 weeks we have learnt 4 French words which the LOs are using in everyday speech, parents are very impressed.

Also one day last week we caught a train to Leeds, visited the Leeds City Museum (Matthew got a map from the tourist office and he showed us the way, he is learning . . . then they had an exhibition with west indian carnival costumes, it was fantastic, children could try on clothes and had a virtual carinval headdress and then we looked at the History of Leeds and they had a animal exhibition (all the time Matthew was still learning) and reading. The whole day was based on learning and we didnt even open a book. We had a marvellous day!!!

I am sticking to the curriculum but that was an informed choice. Matthew has learnt so much, in a relaxed and fun environment. I do unstructured and structured (books and curriculum) home schooling, works for us. Also in 2 weeks, my 6 yr old knows his 2 and 3 times table, would never have done that at school in that time frame. Plus I can focus on getting him tested and support him if he is dyslexic.

I was open and honest with all my parents, assured them that we will still do all the good stuff and in fact we do more, all my parents think it is great for their children who love my children.

It can work very well, just get creative and remember that learning is not just about sitting at a desk!!

Good Luck, whatever you decide. I know it is a good decision. I thought about it all 6 weeks holiday and both my son and I feel we have made the right decision and a HUGE weight was lifted the minute I decided not to send him back to that school. Another school was also not an option for me.

p.s. He is a fabulous little assistant, the kids love him being with us, I love him being with us . . . in fact he has made the childminding more fun!!