View Full Version : anyone provide over night care

20-09-2011, 04:23 AM
I put in for a variation request to provide over night care, ofsted are coming out to do an inspection on friday morning

Just woundering if anyone has any ideas of what she is going to look for

When my mindees sleep during the day i check on them every 20 mins or so would I need to do this when providing over night care?

Is there anything else im going to need to provide that I dont when providing day care, apart from a bed and clean beding

The bedroom that i will be using for the little girl is in the middle of being re-decorated (carpets being laid this saturday hopefully) so on friday it will just be an empty room will this be a problem

Any advice or halp would be appricated

20-09-2011, 09:26 AM
I applied for overnight care from the beginning so it was included in my pre-reg visit. The things she did were:
have a quick look in the room
check I had the necessary equipment ie cot, ready bed, bed with enough bedlinen
check i had a baby monitor and asked if i would use it
check safety gate at the top of the stairs in case they go wandering!
make sure i knew i would be in charge of them all night, not to let hubby get them changed etc

Nothing earth shattering really, and no, i don't beleive you are expected to check on them all night. Just before you go to bed and have a monitor.