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18-09-2011, 08:50 PM
Wanting a bit of help as new to all of this, On my accounts I have worked out roughly how much each meal, snacks etc cost. I buy all my childminding food together with the family so all on one receipt do I need to keep the receipt also do I need to highlight what food I have bought for childminding for example I buy a lot of yoghurt as my kids have it for there packed lunch, late evening etc. as well as the childminding kids eating it. Are HMRC happy with an estimate for meals for example 50p monrning snack, £1.50 lunch, £1 after school snack just want to check I;m doing this right so far I have kept all shopping receipt which I do a big shop once a week.:confused:

19-09-2011, 06:46 AM
You need to keep food reciepts but not for HMRC, can't remember who it's for think it's environmental health.
I buy all my food together and just highlight what is used for childminding kids and work out a percentage of what is used. So if bread was £1 and it would be used by 3 of us i'd work out what a third of the bread cost (33p) and put that down.

19-09-2011, 07:09 AM
You should keep all food reciepts for at least 3 month for Environmental Health incase there is a case of Food Poisoning its so they can trace the source of the outbreak.

If your gross income, so what you tkae in fees etc before you take off any expenses is more than £68,000 in the year then you need to keep all reciepts for everything even if its for 50p for 7yrs.

If your gross income is less than this you only need to keep receipts that total over £10 which I guess will be most of your food reciepts.

19-09-2011, 10:22 AM
i just keep all food receipts in a folder in my kitchen for environmental health purporses then ive worked out i spend about £10 per week per child on food and snacks for i just put that into my accounts, my do said it will be about the same as school dinners and as i provide breaki, lunch and snacks i think this is about right.

we were told to work out an average and put this every week. x

19-09-2011, 07:54 PM
thanks for all the advice