View Full Version : Parent gave notice then asked if I still want him!!!

31-08-2011, 08:22 PM
Just want to see what others would do under these circumstances....

Signed a contract in june for a 6yo with mild autism...contract was for before and after school care 5 days a week starting in Sept. As child was autistic we agreed to 3 after school sessions from june til end of term then as required during hols so that he could get used to my house and routines and so that his routine wasn't changed too much too quickly.

This worked well during term time then, due to there hols and then mine, he didn't come for the first 4 weeks of the hols. His first day back at mine went ok...so I thought. Mam rang next day to say he wasn't coming coz he was 'kicking off'. He didn't come the next day either!

Got a text from mam saying she was only going to work weekends to care for him and wouldn't be needing me anymore. I reminded her of 4 weeks notice and politely asked for that weeks fees which she said she'd drop off on sat. Her dad turned up with a note and 1 weeks money (no money in lue tho). He told me that child was getting very aggressive and shouting all the time and had even thrown things at the tv.

Ok maybe best thing not to have him as I didn't want to put my kids or other mindees at risk if hes getting violent. But then mum rings and asks 'do you want him next week?'

I told her no as would just confuse him and may put others at risk so now i feel like i cant chase notice money as i refused to have him back.

what would you guys do? I know its best for me and other mindees not to have him here but I'm not sure where I stand about notice.

31-08-2011, 08:28 PM
I would cut my losses to be honest. I understand you are entitled to the money - but you have just said you can't care for the child.

Hth x

31-08-2011, 08:33 PM
I agree with Sarah, cut your losses. It would be hard to pursue the notice money when you've just refused care.

Miffy xx

31-08-2011, 08:34 PM
i agree, i would just put it down as one of those things and move on. if shes messed you around now (for what ever the reason may be) it is likely to happen again.

good luck

31-08-2011, 08:53 PM
thanks guys...I knew I'd done the right thing just wanted some reassurance. I haven't asked for any money in lue after refusing and think its best just to let things lie :)