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31-08-2011, 12:41 PM
Hi guys,

I am a fairly new childminder. I do loads of mark making activities with my little ones (22 months and 26 months) which they love and have big scrap books but a parent has implied they would like to see some more craft things that they have made being brought home rather than just pictures. We have done a few things like decorate head bands etc but the majority of things seem to involve more input from me than the children like cutting out handprints for the handprint sun etc etc... Is this normal at this age or am I missing out things I should be offering??! Thanks for any advice!

31-08-2011, 12:55 PM
From about the age of 8mths, my mindees all do painting. It can be messy, but you just have to be organised with plenty of wipes & clothes to hand.

Rather than send home lots of sheets of random paintings, I try to turn them in to something. We recently made a leaf hanging decoration. On A4 paper I drew 3 leaf shapes. The children them covered the paper in paint - the older ones used brushes & sponges, the little ones used their hands & spread the paint around. When they were dry, I cut the leaf shapes out & attached them to a ribbon. The children then have a lovely finished product to take home that is made from their painting, but is obviously put together by me. As the children get older, they take over doing more of cutting out and the putting together themselves. So, in answer to your question, yes, I do think you need to do a fair bit of the work yourself, but make sure it still shows the children did the actual painting or sticking.

You don't need to buy specific things for them to do, but you do need a bit of imagination. There are some very good website out there that have some great ideas.

31-08-2011, 01:03 PM
I'm trying to add a phot of what we did yesterday, but I don't know if it'll work!

These were made by a 20mth old and a 24mth old. They loved the glueing & sticking and their parents love to have things for them to take home. It's clear that I drew the faces and cut out the shapes, but clear that the children did the sticking by themselves :thumbsup:

31-08-2011, 01:13 PM
How about getting them to paint a pebble (I know sounds a little dull) We took a trip to the beach last week and collected some really nice pebbles. When we got home they sat for ages painting them. We have covered them in lots of layers of glue and hopefully they will last out in the garden for decoration. You could send some home with them too.

Another thing I am yet to try with my lo's is sand pictures. I have dyed some of their play sand different colours and then Im going to let them put glue on paper and they sprinkle the sand on. I know this is just another piece of paper to send home but its a little bit different to just paint.

If I had some small jars I was going to get the lo's to use a funnel to fill the jar with the coloured sand in layers. Got this idea from a trip to the Isle of Weight. This would make a lovely gift for the parents

31-08-2011, 01:17 PM
Thanks for that - I love you picture and will def try that one!

Your reply really helps as I let them do lots of paintings but just stick these in a book but I will look for more ideas of what to do with them! :)

31-08-2011, 02:09 PM
What about spaghetti and hundreds and thousands just to play with! Playdough, cornflour and water, I believe custard powder works the same way. Take photos of them playing with them, I know it isn't something they can take home but it is a crafty activity. what about salt dough and get them to make something, bake it and then paint it.

We have just done paper mache and made hot air balloons - bit adventurous but the 2 and a half yr old was better than my 4 and 6 yr old. GOing home with it today, will leave it to the parents to work out how to suspend it from the ceiling!

You could do a fruit bowl with paper mache - need lots of layers but could be a nice little project over a few weeks.

Hope that helps for some more ideas. You could make a nice photo collage with all the things they have done with you.

The Juggler
31-08-2011, 03:38 PM
i wouldn't worry so much about crafts as just offering messy play hon. don't be worried about the end product too much.

if you are making gifts though last xmas (mine were 22 months) I gave them glas paint pens and they decorated high ball tumblers for parents (with me holding the glass) and those little ceramic picture frames/wooden egg cups for birthdays/mothers day.

or mixing and baking cookies.

otherwise, most of our craft that goes home is free drawing/gluing painting and the rest is water/cornflour/sand play.