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31-08-2011, 06:22 AM
Morning everyone,

I've been looking after a little boy for 2 months now, everything going well. He has settled fine and is getting on well with the other children.

He is supposed to be coming today, (he attends MON, WED, THURS) His mum works shifts and usually lets me know on the Friday what her hours are for the coming week so that I can plan for the children.

I haven't heard from her since Friday morning when she called me to confirm whether or not I could work bank holiday - I said no, and told her that it was in her contract that I don't work them. She was a bit snotty and basically hung up with a "tut" when I told her this but said that she would send me her hours.

Since then, I have heard nothing - I have called several times and keep ringing off, I have sent 3 messages, NOTHING. I have had problems from the beginning with poor time keeping (which I have pulled her up on) and also taking LO home in a car without a car seat (also pulled up on) so I dont think she is particularly happy with me - I think she thought that she could come and go as she pleases and I will just happily wait around for her to turn up, because I have nothing better to do with my time!

The worst thing is that she usually gives me a cheque at the end of the month for the coming month and "forgot" her cheque book last week.

So anyway, my question is this - what would you do? If she turns up today out of the blue without letting me know her hours for this week, would you turn her away? Would you take the child?

What if she doesn't turn up at all?

I have been minding for almost 3 years, nothing like this has ever happened!!


The Juggler
31-08-2011, 07:24 AM
how awful for you hon. if she turns up you cannot really turn her away as you are contracted to have child (unless her payments are behind, then you could withhold care until they are paid. However, I'd be loathe to do this unless I'd warned her this woudl happen).

I would either call or write a letter asking her to please inform you what is happening (from the point of view you have been worried about her/him as you've not heard from them). Tell her it's important that you know whether mindee is coming as you have a duty to report 'missing' children who suddently stop coming to the setting and even though you are sure everything is fine you'd hate to do nothing and later found out you could have helped ;)

Tell her you are sorry if she was upset about the bank holiday but you'd like to talk about it if there is something she would like to chat to avoid future upset.

I'd leave it at that, but if you don't hear, then I'd do another letter saying you assume that she is giving 4 weeks notice and her last day will be xxxx and fees due are xxxx.

hope she sees sense.:thumbsup: she's probably just sent mindee to grandmas and not told you cos she has the hump:panic:

31-08-2011, 07:55 AM
I'd turn up at her door and put a letter through the letterbox.
Can't stand it when people try and hide :mad:

31-08-2011, 08:14 AM
It makes you wanna go out (or hide) so that if she decides to finally turn up you wont be there.

I would also write a letter perhaps explaining again about not working bank holidays, and reminding her about her contracted hours and how turning up at random times is not ideal. Also a gentle reminder of her fees due.

Hope it gets sorted

31-08-2011, 08:22 AM
Thanks ladies.

Tried to call again this morning and no answer again. Then at 8:15 I got a message from her which just said "late bus" (which is her usual way of communicating she is going to be late) so I presume she is on an 8-4 shift today.

I did feel like not answering the door but felt sorry for the poor little lad who probably doesnt know if he is coming or going.

Not so much as a sorry from mum, for the lateness or lack of contact. When I said I didnt know her hours for this week, and I had been trying to contact her, she simply said "oh, yeah I know. I'm on early ones this week"

Aaaahhhh, sometimes people make me want to scream. And still no cheque, until she finishes work. Luckily today is paid for from last month, and her cheques clear automatically as she banks at the same branch as me. If I dont get a cheque this evening, I won't be having the boy tomorrow.

I have a memo going out today about lateness, bank hols etc etc and I think I'm going to give it another month and if no change I will give notice. It's just not worth the effort chasing her about.