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26-08-2011, 09:50 AM
[/LIST]And if so how did they respond? I am in ireland so our rules are more lenient about ages of kids we mind- can have two under 15'months and need to notify if minding more than 3.

I started minding about five months ago and the first little one I took on is three days a week - mum works from home and at time said she was flexible with days . She wanted to know how many i would be taking and at the time i said probably two (have three of my own) I then filled a full time space and one day a week. The one day a week left shortly after as they were moving house and have had trouble filling part time until I got a little one 4 days a week becoming 5 days in October. However during settling in mum said she had more holidays saved than she thought and it would now be 3 days aweek until christmas then probably 4 or 5 after Christmas was that ok? I said well it is what it is, just let me know when you know. Being a mum I understand she is happy to have more time off with her lo and can't blame her for that.

Things have now changed for us hubby has applied for a job with better hours but less pay so my money will be needed more (using it to pay off a long term loan but now will be needed to pay basics) and I have had several enquiries (busy round here luckily!) one for two days a week which i could do if I moved mum 1 around and One for twins aged 1 three afternoons a week.'

I think the first two original parents are concerned how i will cope and also concerned their little ones will get enough attention - if I took first enquiry would be 3 each day (which I already do two days a weeks anyway) and he second would mean four little ones some days all under 2. No love lost if I lost the three days a week one but my little full timer is a pet and mum is a gem And don't want to hack her off / not sure if i ever said i wouldnt take more
On but when she started I only had two a day so
Would she be in her rights to be annoyed?!!

The Juggler
26-08-2011, 09:56 AM
Hon, I think as long as you broach it as "i am asking you if this would suit you" rather than "I'm telling you that I need to change...." she will be fine. All she can do is say no and she will have nothing to be upset about.

I knew a CM who TOLD a mum she had to change her to a Friday - the parent was not impressed and neither would I be if I had been her.:panic:

As for being annoyed about you taking on more children, well I would tell parents out of politeness but I wouldn't expect them to take the hump or be annoyed over it. It's your business and if you are minding within numbers I don't see the problem. Here, Ofsted expect us to tell parents if we are applying for a variation on numbers to make sure parents are happy but if you don't need to then I would just inform them :thumbsup:

26-08-2011, 10:05 AM
Hi the juggler thanks for your reply think I will arrange to meet the enquiries (might come to nothing anyway) suppose I am also wondering if I should keep the space for the other mum after christmas - wil have a chat with her later and see what she thinks is likely

27-08-2011, 03:21 PM
yes, asked 2 this morning and both agreed.

27-08-2011, 03:59 PM
I had a child for 1 morning a week, When the chance came to take on siblings for 3 days a week and it clashed - I asked mum of half day mindee if she could change. She needed just half day to do deliveries for her job without her DD - is self employed working from home.

She understood and was willing to change as she knew I could not realistically turn the others away. I had said I may need to change when we signed contract for this reason.