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Lil Face
30-07-2011, 08:37 AM
I have someone coming to my setting today, she has only just phoned this morning, she is looking to find a childminder today for a 4.5 month old.

I am a member of and insured by NCMA and have ordered the tools of the trade file box but I haven't received it yet and wont arrive till thursday/friday his week. I obviously want to use the NCMA paperwork as you are then covered legally - is anyone able to send me a copy of their contract and child record form, also any other forms I would need to fill out if she goes with me today

tried phoning NCMA today but they are closed on Saturday - just my luck. any help would be really appreciated thanks

30-07-2011, 06:38 PM
I think a copy of the contract is no good because if they are to represent you should you need it chasing fees etc i think it is only valid on the originals.
I just did my visits and if parents were happy i invited them back to go over policys and then signed contracts. I didnt want to feel like i was putting them on the spot as lots of parents go to more than one setting and i didnt want them to feel pressure so they went a way and then all got back in touch. I dont know what others do tho.

31-07-2011, 08:18 AM
Don't let parents rush you into taking on a child before you are properly prepared.

You must use original NCMA contracts to be properly insured as Nat says... so best advice is to wait until you have your pack.

The steps you should take are... invite parents to chat about the service you offer and find out about their child...

... if they are interested they should then be invited back to do paperwork and ask any other questions.

... take a months payment in advance for the sessions the parent has booked

.... then you can offer a couple of short settling in sessions for the child.

If everyone is happy after the initial sessions you need to offer a 2 or 4 week settling in period during which time either side can walk away - but make sure you are paid for this period.

The times when I have missed out any of the steps are when things have gone horribly wrong ... so take your time and remember that you are in charge of the process.

Good luck :D

Lil Face
31-07-2011, 03:59 PM
Thanks for the tips, the parent turned out to be a bit of a timewaster anyway, she turned up an hour and a half late, didn't even bring the child and then said she would let me know this week.

Do you use your insurances contracts or do you do your own?

Also any tips on advertising would be good, started advertising a few weeks ago on a websites such as gumtree, childcare.co.uk, childminding directory etc, shop windows, family resources but finding it a little quiet.