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28-07-2011, 09:29 PM

I am just wondering if anyone is in this situation and can help ....

Im only in cm training at the moment and I am currently working 8am until 12pm mon to friday, I used to work full time, 40hrs per week before my son came along.

Do I legally have to go back full time, can my employer 'sack' me if I don't? also where would I stand if I carried on working for my current employer but did childminding in the afternoons? can i do that? would i have to inform my employer? I am just weighing up all my options at the moment. Ideally I would do full time cm, but its all new to me so I am wondering if starting part time is better or just going for it :)

My current job is not in childcare

hope this makes sense



28-07-2011, 09:29 PM
just noticed my spelling mistake in the title :rolleyes:

28-07-2011, 09:44 PM
I work elsewhere when I don't childmind and my employer does know but not because she has to but because we're friendly. There's no law saying you must tell them ... except when it's written in your contract of employment.

With your current employer ... is he expecting you to go back full time? Seems to me you have it sorted already.

28-07-2011, 09:56 PM
Thanks for your reply

I think he is expecting me to go back full time so if that is the case then obv full time cm it is.

What I like about doing half and half is that I am always going to get paid by my current employer, that security while I am starting my new career. Then again nothing is ever certain these days is it?

I think I will go with the flow and see where I end up :)

The Juggler
29-07-2011, 07:12 AM
hon you need to have a conversation with them. tell them what you would like to do. you would need to put a formal letter together to apply for flexible working (check out direct.gov.uk) of how you think it could work. You'd be effectively asking for them to sort out a jobshare.

They then have to put forward a good business reason why that would not work for them. Or they may offer an alternative i.e. 3 days work instead of 5 mornings - as that way they can accommodate your p-time request easier in that it's easier to fidn someone else to fill 2 days than someone else who just wants to work afternoons.

Anyway have a look at it but honestly working in employment 5 monrings then CM'ing every afternoon would be pretty full on.

Bitsy Beans
29-07-2011, 07:25 AM
Anyway have a look at it but honestly working in employment 5 monrings then CM'ing every afternoon would be pretty full on.

I agree. Not to mention you might struggle to find mindee's who fulfil those afternoon hours.

29-07-2011, 08:24 AM
HI. I work 3 days elsewhere and childmind 2 days and weekends if required. I had to go back to full time employment for 3 months after having my youngest so I didn't have to pay back any maternity pay then after the 3 months were up I asked about part time hours. Your employer has to have a really strong reason not to agree you going part time as most employers have to adhere to ' A family friendly Policy'. You don't have to notify employers of your Childminding business but it's best too so they know not to ask you to do overtime or extra days.

Good Luck xx

29-07-2011, 02:35 PM
Thanks for the replies, it has helped alot, I will investigate further and maybe have a chat with my employer. 3 days and 2 days and odd weekend minding sounds quite good. I know working 5 mornings and cm 5 afternoons (if i could find the work for afternoons) would be very full on and maybe not the best way forward.

Leanne :)

29-07-2011, 04:00 PM
I childmind Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and then i work for the NHS on a Thursday & Friday :-) I am sooooo much happier now, in both jobs! Good luck with whatever you decide xx