View Full Version : overnight fees?

25-07-2011, 07:17 PM
So excited!! Have had a request for overnight stays for a night shift worker.
I put £30 in my profile as I was starting low...but this is what I got paid for nights when I slept over as a care worker 6 years ago so I think I'm probably not charging enough. I'm meeting on Thurs to talk details so i could warn her of a price increase after the probation period or later in the autumn.

any suggestions of a fair price? Maybe I'm not so far off beam after all?

It's not a hard one at all - a compliant happy laddie of 5 arriving at 9.30, straight to bed and up and off at 7.15 - no meals and he sleeps well.

26-07-2011, 06:12 AM
Unsure about overnight fees just wanted to say good luck to you

Hope it all goes ok

Angel xx