View Full Version : 24 month old a nightmare!!

mad house
20-07-2011, 05:27 PM
Hi I'm just wondering if any of you lovely childminders can share some tips with me about children around 24 month. I feel like I'm losing the battle!! My Mindee is constantly wanting everything to be there's, taking things of others, talking in an aggressive/nasty manner to others including me. Basically thinking they rule the house and can do what ever they like! Ive had little one since being 7 mths old and first noticed the anger issue maybe at 12mth old. ive always told her right from wrong but for the past couple of months i have got firmer with her as shes very clever and knows exactly how to play people. Parents say she's the same at home! But I feel they let her get away with it. Please help share how you would react to the child who is 24 mths and getting out of control Thankyou

20-07-2011, 05:33 PM
ive got 3 24-28month old girls and they are ALL the same, we have SET boundries here and they get warnings and then either thinking time or removed from an activity, i spoke to parents (one of the little madams is my dd lol) and we all agreed to use the same behaviour management techniques and its really kicking in, both here and at home. :)