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22-12-2007, 09:10 AM
Hi - I am a newly registered childminder who thought I was pretty organised and had covered most things until in my quest to be ultra organised started to think about planning. I have read through the EYFS but find trying to put that into practice in a workable planning sheet just a nightmare. My problem is that I have young children on the books - 9mths and 18mths in Jan. the kind of things that are suggested in EYFS I would be doing naturally and instinctively - they are not realy what I call planning activities. I don't want to be writing down things like - playing in the mirror - to develop self awareness etc as they are things I would be doing on a regular basis anyway and like when we go to the bathroom to spend time playing in the mirror there. For me planning would be more about themes - what craft activities we would be doing, what outdoor activities, what visitsetc If i start trying to plan every thing I will be doing it would be a nightmare. Should I be planning like that though?

My idea for a planning sheet was having the days of the week one side and then highlighting the areas of my house and what is available there - eg craft area, role play area, outdoor area, music room, visits, extra activities eg cooking

I would like to refer these to the EYFS but there are no numbered points eg. A2 that you can just put down to refer to.(like section A point 2) Hope this all makes sense! I don't want to be writing loads!

I have not been on any courses yet so I guess that would all be explained but then I have the children starting before the courses.

I then in search for planning sheets came across these sites and have now been totally daunted about what else I should be doing! I am now panicking about toys -like how do you show multicultural and disabilities through toys apart from different race type dolls and the wheelchair I have in my little tykes set? I have spent all my funding on safety gates etc!

I am really beginning to panick. I am a perfectionist and aim so high but now it is beginning to get me down!

Please help!


22-12-2007, 09:21 AM
Hi Gemma

There is a lot to do yes for EYFS and we are all going to be working towards that

Come and say hello and introduce yourself in the hello section of the forum

Then you will get to know us and know what we all do etc

Also have a look around I am sure you will find some good ideas and tips

Hope to speak to you soon

Angel xxx