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11-07-2011, 01:20 PM
I look after a three yrold girl and a 2.5yrold boy, they are not sibblings but get on really well, the boy is here 3 days and the girl 5 days,,, the problem I have is when the boy isnt here the girl wont play, she spends all day just sitting starring in to space, even if I interact with her and try and play with her she wont play, she is an only child so must have times where she will play on her own at home, parents dont seem unduly worried about this but I dont feel this is normal behaviour? we do meet up with other minders and she will mostly play happily with their children, should I be worried or just let her get on with it?
the other thing is she will burst in to tears at the drop of a hat,, ie put your shoes on or sit at the table will start her off and when i ask whats wrong she says nothing, if then reprhase it an say why are you crying she says 'because i dont want to cry',, any ideas on what to do about this ?

11-07-2011, 01:30 PM
didnt want to read n run but not got a lot of answers for ya sorry,

i would keep up what you are doing, try different toys when its just her with out the little one?

some LO's do cry even if we move ...ive got one that i dare not move for 10 mins on arrival until she is ready to walk away from me,

sorry cana help you hun x