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Lu 2010
28-06-2011, 12:27 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've been minding for 10 months now and starting to realise that I should maybe try to organise my time a little better as I don't seem to be able to fit everything in.
I was wondering how everyone else copes with working, planning, updating LJ's, accounts, housework, family time, shopping..... The list just goes on doesn't it.

Anyway when do you all do all that?



28-06-2011, 02:57 PM
When my children were little l only took on a few children (not filling my numbers), l had no older before or after school mindees, had part timers and set strict end of day times that way l spent quality time with my children. As the children got older so l increased my intake. Housework; bathroom is cleaned every morning, area where children play is cleaned daily, what doesn't go in the dishwasher from our breakfast is left in kitchen until after lunch when l wash up the childrens lunch boxes. Anything else has to be done at the weekend with the family mucking in, you are after all doing a full time job, just because its at home doesn't mean you arn't working and can keep the house spotless. Shopping is done in the evenings if l need bread, milk or a few essentials l take mindees, its a good experience for them as long as its not every day, many never go shopping as parents do it on line or leave them with us. Shopping covers some of the EYFs Goals so can be used as observations. Don't make too much paper work for yourself keep it to a minimum a photo with a few words speaks volumes, short obs again with photo and next steps/planning underneath again only needs 1 or 2 sentences. As you become more confident and quicker you can make them as long as you like. I was told to find a system that works for me Ofsted don't necessary want to see reams and reams of paper work as long as you show that you are observing and planning for each child its ok.
As for accounts thats my nightmare l start each tax year with good intentions but usually end up doing several months at a time.

Lu 2010
28-06-2011, 03:48 PM
Accounts seems to be the only thing i can keep up with!

Thanks for the advice x