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27-06-2011, 04:25 PM
Now on my notice period! Cant believe I wont be a manager in day care anymore!

While I was in the post office there was an advert for a minder! I was like OHHHH NNOOOOO!! So I just text her and told her I was in registration period (saw the other text someone got!) She was absolutely lovely! Sent a few texts and she gave me a call for a wee chat :-) Turns out shes right next to me and I thought there wasnt anymore but theres one in the street next to her too!

Other part of the news was that she has had 3 enquiries and is just newly registered!! So works not so bad either! Pointed her in the direction of the forum :-) this place has been a God send.

Im all over the place emotionally today! Cry, smile, cry!!

Feels like the end of an era but also a new adventure..! Anyone any words of encouragement! lol X

27-06-2011, 05:12 PM
No going back now then. I remember those mixed emotions when I gave in my notice at old job (and the even worse ones on day I left)

I hope it all works out for you

I have no regrets and I hope you don't either.

Penny :)

27-06-2011, 08:42 PM
How exciting - look forward not back and enjoy the adventure.

It's great you've made contact with another local cm and that she was friendly

Good luck with your registration and hope you're up and running soon

Miffy xx

Pixie dust
27-06-2011, 08:50 PM
I used to be a nursery manager which I loved but I love this job more. I don't have the stress of staff going of sick, following the company policies etc I answer to me.:)

The down side is the money is not so great at the moment as just lost full time siblings but wouldn't change my job for the world :jump for joy:

The Juggler
27-06-2011, 09:26 PM
good luck hon. glad you found a good local ally to support you.:)

27-06-2011, 09:55 PM
Well done on making the call and its nice that the other minder was friendly.

Wishing you every success in your new venture :clapping: