View Full Version : Pre inspection panic!

25-06-2011, 11:07 AM
There's a couple of things I'm not sure whether they would be an issue for my pre-reg inspection, and I wondered if some of you could tell me what you think????

1) kitchen flooring - this is currently carpet tiles which are very old and a bit minging! Is this likely to become a hygiene issue and would it be better to play safe by putting vinyl down???

2) spiral staircases - i have 2 spiral staircases in my property. Both are closed treads so no gaps to slip through. I live in an upper conversion, so one is a concrete stairway which is the entrance to my home, the other is a carpeted stairway giving access to the upper floor of my home. I have 2 questions....firstly, there are no banisters on either...will this be an issue??? Second, i was going to put stairgates top and bottom of internal stairs, but are they likely to require that for external stairs too????

Many thanks for reading!


25-06-2011, 03:17 PM
With regards to the kitchen, if it's that 'minging' maybe you want to put something else down. Can the carpet not be cleaned/shampooed? Perhaps if you are going to do it at some point anyway, it might be best to do it before your visit.

Not too sure about the external stairs, I would put stairgates up probably at the top of the external stairs - just incase. Also, how would a young child safely climb your stairs with no banister? If you can explain how they could/would climb up then I don't think you need a banister, if you think they may need one, then you may need to install one.

I don't think I've got any definate answers for you, but maybe just thinking a bit further in is what you need to. x