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25-06-2011, 07:17 AM
I have a girl who started in two weeks, she's four and starts reception in September. I've had enquires for a 3 year old to start with me in September. I already have my own 13 month old, and a new baby 6 months old starting in September. Can I class the four year old as five then? OR do I have to wait until the ''settling in'' period ends at her school?

25-06-2011, 07:42 AM
once the four yr old is in full time education she counts as a rising five and does go into your 5-7 yr old part of your numbers. :)

25-06-2011, 08:25 AM
for a child who is 4yr old to count as a 'rising 5' you must:

have the clause on your certificate (see my Rising 5 Clarification Thread)
the child MUST be in full time education - ie all day from reception onwards.
this does not mean the feed in intake many schools do for the first week or to in transitions.
the child remains a 'rising 5' during the holidays

you can 'float' the child between the two age groups

25-06-2011, 08:30 AM
Okay thank you. :)