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17-06-2011, 01:14 PM
I have a lovely little girl who comes afte school and holiday care. I love her to bits and would (and have) do anything fo her. She's like one of the fam..... But and there's alway one of these, mum is taking advantage big time, so much so that it is seriously effecting my own family. My children are going to bed later due to her not collecting on time and me still wanting to spend time bathing, doing homework ect. They are struggling to get up in the morn meaning my now mini zombies aren't alert at school and often late (still on time but not there as the doors open as I like it) my ds is in yr 2 and his teacher has told me his work and concentration has deteriorated, she doubts he'll obtain the marks she predicted in his sats he doesn't get as involved a question time ect ect, basically giving me a heads up before parents evening.

When she came and we did contracts she sai she needed flexible care as she travels around sites during work, most days will be a 5:30/6 pm collection, the odd occasion due to traffic ect it would be closer to seven. I dais that's fine and wrote roughly a quarter of the year with the extra hour on, since January sh has been collected at 5:30 three times, once when I had training and asked her to collect by 5 and the other two were when she was going out and when she was goin to take that.

Her attitude causes me concern, when she's with her x is the boss and gets her own way leading me to think that could possibly be th reason she's with me till five to 7 (occasionally it's been later) every night. She comes in gym clothes sometimes and last night at 7:20 shed told me she got blocked in on her drive! I asked her why she was at home if x was still here and she replied xs brother is still being sick so she picked him up 1st before he go to heir friends. Xs bro is 12 and has been left alone in the house vomiting for two days, i dont think this is appropriate but i know different peoke have different views on leaving children. Since payments have gone monthly i do not recieve hem on time, this month it was busy bees fault 'theyve cocked it up' bullsh iv spoke to them shes had the voucher since May. Mum is often not contactable although today she picked up within two rings as Monday I had no contact from 12:15 till 6:50 and this was only after I left a very stern voice mail, about the fifth one but this one meant business! She has also left x with me when I'd told her she needed emergency medical treatment, saying she couldn't get out of her meeting :eek: I took her to seek the treatment, constantly txting and calling mum she eventually collected at 5:45 even though I'd contacted her before 10am.

I have had numerous words with her about the issues but she continues to take the pee, i understand it's difficult to juggle work and home lives but now I have no money at all £7 in the bank to be exact and my pekkys on red, we can't do anything this weekend as I am waiting for the third week for my money. I feel there's no other option than to terminate contracts.

I just do not know what to include in my notice letter, I need her to know why! Ie it's her not her daughter.

17-06-2011, 01:27 PM
Just be very basic.

It is with regret that I am giving 4 weeks notice as required in our Contract. I am for family reasons unable to continue to support the very late pick up times.

Therefore the last day of care will be......... The final account due is.........

I wish you all luck in the future.


17-06-2011, 01:30 PM
Thank you, I did think I needed to keep it short and sweet. I need to keep my own feelings to myself to keep it professional but I want to shake her and say you have a beautiful child who I care deeply about, sort your head out! :laughing: I'll just smile politely though.