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14-06-2011, 11:46 AM
Afternoon all,

I know this topic has been bought up many times but its one area I am not so good on. Ofsted are due this yr and all my other areas are great and if Im aiming for an Outstanding I really need to get my head around this.

At the moment I pick up from 1 preschool 1 morning a week and its just a quick chat at the door telling me what shes done etc. They have a picture of myself stored in childs folder so they can recognise me and I sign any forms if she has hurt herself etc.

1 mindee goes to a nursery but I dont have any contact with them as she goes a full day.

At the moment I dont have any eyfs schoolies but will do from Sept. I know teachers are really busy with 30 kids. They know me so dont really have to introduce myself.
Over the next few weeks I was thinking of getting a book (like an small exercise school book) for the boy who's going to school and putting in a few brief pics and info about what hes done at mine over the past yr and how he's been getting ready for school. Front page could include a short bit of info about what days I will be picking him up (on weds my childminder Becky will be dropping me off and picking me up) and a signature from Mum to say its ok to share info.

I also thought about doing the same thing for the preschool and nurseries if needed.

Good idea or not? Too much or will just a letter be enough?
Im clueless as most teachers and nurseries are too busy to bother, but at least it shows Im trying:D

Becky x

carol cameron
14-06-2011, 01:02 PM
. We all do things differently.
I have a form that is signed by me, the parent and the school/nursery that explains that information about the child will be shared.I put something about EYFS at the top of it to explain why we all needed to do this and my Ofsted inspector liked it.
Thankfully, I do have a good relationship with the school my mindees go to and could talk about it as well but I have been told that inspectors need to see evidence. The foundation stage teachers also wrote a letter confirming this ,which went down well too.
It's also worth putting a copy of school newsletters in the child's file that is another example of sharing information:)

14-06-2011, 05:28 PM
I share information about what we are doing with the children... and ask for copies of newsletters so I can see what they are up to.

I do a termly report which I ask them to comment on.

I read with children and fill in their reading diaries as well.

Hth :D