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06-06-2011, 08:45 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well I am on evening 8 of the SEF and have got Sarah's E book which has helped so much (still cant quite belive how much there is to cover)

I am struggling through my Trio advisor said that even though I had only be childminding for just over one month and only have one 23 month old that I mind 2 days I still have to complete this which I am happy to do but am struggling to find the evidenece to answer the questions in much detail?

Also as the child is very young some of the topics like road safety and discussing healthy eating I have not got much to put. I use the reins and ask the child to hold on to the side of the pram and we stop look listen when crossing the road and when eating I offer fruit for snacks and we grow fruit and veg so the children know were it comes from little things really, I just hope I am doing it right

Is it normal not to have to much to write on your first one and then build on it as the months/years go by? I dont want Ofsted to think that I have not put the effort is because I really have I just think alot of the ideas and suggestions of things you can do the child is a little to young to understand

HELP XXX :blush:

christine e
06-06-2011, 09:20 PM
Your sef is work in progress - just keep going back and adding to it. I would recommend Sarah Neville's ebook on completing your SEF it was a big help to me


07-06-2011, 06:52 AM
Like Christine says, put in the evidence you have at the moment and keep going back to add more as you get more experience.

Ofsted want to see you reflecting on the ways you work... not filling in a SEF because you think you should.

So look at the question... decide what you do well in that particular area... write it up... think about how you can improve or what you might like learn next... follow it through and write it up.

Hth :D

07-06-2011, 06:55 AM
Your sef doesn't have to relate wholly to the children you are caring for atm, sometimes you need to think what you would do where you have no actual experience, eg. looking after a child who spoke another language - how would you ensure they were included etc.

Miffy xx

07-06-2011, 12:09 PM
Also even if the child may be young to understand you can still talk about the healthy food you provide them or would provide them, how you manage road safety (even mine in buggies have the Stop Look Listen chatted to them at every crossing).

Talk about what you have done, are doing and want to do. The more information in it the easier to update and them easier the inspection is as the inspector asks you questions that have come about from reading the SEF and then you are not having to give them the whole back story.

07-06-2011, 07:01 PM
Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your comments :) I am now just starting section 5 and still very overwhelmed by it all but just keeping it simple and giving as much evidence as I can.

You are right I do understand that it will really benefit in the long run and make the Ofsted inspection run much more smoothly :)

Cant wait for it to be done, may treat myself to a bag I have my eye on when im done for the hard work put in he he

07-06-2011, 09:04 PM
Cant wait for it to be done, may treat myself to a bag I have my eye on when im done for the hard work put in he he

That sounds like a very good idea! :thumbsup:

Miffy xx