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18-05-2011, 08:31 AM
I have a couple visiting me on Friday. They need childcare from September for their baby, who will be 6.5 months by then. I put the phone down and realised that this means the baby is currently only 2 months! So i'm not sure what to get ready for when they visit- I was thnking just a nice soft blanket on the floor and a couple of soft toys/ rattles? I know she won't want to play with them, but my son (he's 2) will probably want to 'entertain' her and i'd rather he did this with soft toys than his cars and motorbikes!
Is there anything else I should think about?
First time i've had both Mum and Dad visit, it's quite scary!

18-05-2011, 09:09 AM
a soft blanket and a couple of soft toys sounds nice! how about having some older baby toys visable? baby gym/activity table etc?

good luck

i've got a mum visiting later but she isn't bring babe with her :( , so she can concentrate ! hmmmmm, does that mean babe is a screamer, or she never puts him down, or .... she wants to be able to talk without being distracted! but as i don't currently have any children, i don't have anything out, except DDS dolls & sylvanians! and as babe isn't coming, i'm not getting stuff out! ( i might have a soft mat available, in case babe does come! )

18-05-2011, 10:15 AM
I have had a couple of visits from mums with very little babies - they may well be asleep for most of the visit or just be sat on mum or dads lap! I would just have a couple of soft toys out - that can we waved around or grabbed at.

Loocyloo - when I visited childminders for DS1 I often went without my son - found it easier. He was not a screamer, nor was he cuddled all the time :laughing: If I liked the minder I then went back with my son!