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18-05-2011, 03:14 AM
The Early Years and Childcare Service have now relocated to First Floor North, Wildwood, Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2NP.

As of Monday 16th May contact telephone numbers will be as follows:

Early Years Improvement Advisors (formerly Early Years Mentors, Children's Centre Support Teachers, Childcare Development Officers, Inclusion Development Officers, Childminding Development Officers, B23 Team and Quality Officer) – 01905 822672

Inclusion Team (formerly Area Senco's, Special Support Team and Inclusion Development Officers) – 01905 822672

Nursery Education Funding – 01905 822682

Local Partnership Groups Coordinator - 01905 822663

Family Information Service – 01905 822666

Recruitment Team – 01905 822658, 01905 822659, 01905 822660

Training Team – 01905 822655, 01905 822656, 01905 822657

All officers' personal email addresses will remain the same. Changes to team emails will be advised shortly.

Dawn x

18-05-2011, 06:20 AM
Thanks Dawn - seems info is ending up in a lot of peoples 'junk' box!!

Just for information - news is getting out about who has jobs. Not heard about childminding team yet but Jenny has now left and back childminding full time - and LOVING IT.

Barbara AND her girls have jobs (Birth 2 Three)- not sure on number of hours

Lynn (network mentor) is taking redundancy

Paula and Helen (mentors) did not get jobs - such a shame after Paula's inspirational talk on her Denmark experience.

Other mentors (as was) have new posts but some with very reduced hours

Will keep you posted as get to hear things.

Penny :)