View Full Version : Books about us for the children

13-05-2011, 08:14 AM

Does anyone do a little scrap book about you and your home and pets for children who are new.
So they can take them home with them.


13-05-2011, 09:51 AM
I have put together a small photo album which I read with new children.

It shows us all here and things like where the loo is, where food is prepared, where to put coats and shoes etc.

It cost me about £20 from snapfish :D

13-05-2011, 10:02 AM
iv started mine today as went on the home based pra.. course yesterday think its a really good idea! :)

13-05-2011, 10:41 AM
I have a photo book that shows me, my family, our pets etc. It starts off with a picture of our front door and then shows where the children hang their coats, where the bathroom is and lots of picture of children playing inside & in the garden.

I got it made for free last year when someone posted a deal on here :thumbsup: I think it should have been about £25. It's worth searching for any current offers.

The only problem is some of the pets are no longer with us and I am often re-arranging furniture & toys, so it isn't always accurate :p

christine e
13-05-2011, 12:08 PM
This is something on my to do list and I have purchased a talking photo album for this purpose (still in it's box waiting for me to get round to it)