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12-05-2011, 06:05 AM
I currently look after 3 sibblings mon, tue, wed, the two older are at school and B is with me all day,, in sept their days will change to thur and fri, I am full on these days for under 5's but will apply for a variation which hopefull wont be a problem,, however in april next year the baby sibling of a child I now look after will be joining us and one of the days is a friday so as i see it i have two choices,,, I can apply for 5 under 5's or I can tell B's mum i can only have her till April ( they finish june each for the hols and she goes to full time school sept next year) then reaply to ofsted to have 4 under 5's with the babys name insted of B;s name, but are they likle to grant a 2nd variation so close to me canceling the other one.
both choices are for continuity of care and if I went for the 5 under 5s this would only be for 2 months.
so which do i go for??

12-05-2011, 06:49 AM
I would apply for the variation for the change of days in September then after Christmas apply again for the baby coming in April.

Things may change in the meantime. Ofsted should have no problem with you applying for two variations so close together, after all things can change very quickly in our line of work and the circumstances of each are very different.

Miffy xx