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05-05-2011, 08:27 PM
Hello all

I have started childminding! :clapping: Just one little girl for three hours twice a week but it's a start!

She is a lovely girl and my daughter enjoyed playing with her, let's hope it continues.

My daughter who is three is now sitting in a booster seat (with the back on) and I have my mindee in a forward facing car seat. She is three and a half and looks very uncomfortable so I would like to put her in a booster chair too. Do I need to get Mum's permission or shall I just do it? She is taller and larger than my daughter.

This mindee is only going to be with me for seven weeks (although Mum has hinted that she will want more hours in September) Do you think I should be doing a learning journal for her?

Thank you.

05-05-2011, 08:46 PM
The child needs to be in the right car seat for her age and height - this is down to you to make sure because it's you who is driving illegally if the seat is wrong.

You need to chat with parents and take advice from places like Halfords or Mothercare if you are not sure.

As for a learning journal... you need some evidence of what the child is doing with you. How about a simple scrap book with a few photos?

Hth :D

05-05-2011, 08:56 PM
Well done first of all on starting minding and fingers x you get more com ing your way as you need them:clapping: :thumbsup:

All kids are different shapes and sizes so need to find the best seat/booster that fits the child and your car.:thumbsup: Im sure you will get things sorted - why dont you try her in your daughters and see how she gets on?