View Full Version : A transition book about weddings?

05-05-2011, 11:16 AM
A friend has a 4 year old who is really struggling with 3 different transitions.
She is pregnant with their 2nd child, Lo will be starting school in Sept and the one that seems to be the trigger is that her and her dh (lo's biological father) are planning a wedding.
It was the royal wedding that set him off. He sobs uncontrollably if anyone mentions a wedding and keeps asking why they are getting married, sobbing hysterically as she tries to explain to him about it all.

I have googled a list of transitions books and given her that but i cannot find one on parents getting married.

Does anyone know of a good book that will help her to explain it to him?

He just doesn't understand that it is a good thing, something has terrified him and she is struggling to find out what it is.

Poor little lad eh?

thank you!


The Juggler
05-05-2011, 12:03 PM
not sure of any books but could she maybe borrow some wedding videos off friends to show him how fun they are or soem family wedding albums and talk them through with him.

poor little chap. sounds to me like he's got confused about something. Perhaps he thinks they are getting married in a huge abbey and he'll be scared of all the people there or they'll go off in a carriage without him and live in a big palace????